To support community members and their families in SE Calgary in the areas of mental health, education, family peer support, and financial literacy.


To help people thrive in their communities through creating space for wholistic health, connection, and support.


Welcome to our Community Hub page. The Government of Alberta has partnered with Southview Church to create a community hub and support initiative around 4 key areas. These areas are mental health, education/tutoring, family peer support, and financial literacy/legal services. 

We will be offering seminars from leading experts to help you and your family thrive and many other supports. We recognize Covid-19 has been a hard season for many individuals and families. We want this community hub to be a space for the community to not just survive, but thrive for the future. Continue to read for many more practical ways to get involved.  Read below for more information.



Mental health is of the utmost importance, especially now. If you or your family are interested in some counselling options, please contact us.


If you know of an individual or family in need of counselling help who cannot afford it, we have resources. Please contact us for more information.


We will have leading experts throughout the year leading seminars for your family to get practical support around many different topics.


Stay tuned for more info coming on free seminars and trainings from industry experts in the areas of financial literacy and legal services.


Oct 23: Men’s Mental Health Seminar

Men, if you find yourself asking the question, “Why am I so angry?”, join us for this Men’s Mental Health Seminar. As we hear from a registered psychologist, you will learn tips and tools for coping and dealing with anger, plus a Q&A afterwards.

We will be providing in person and online live streaming. As well, we will have a video recording of the event for future viewing. You are welcome to invite your friends and colleagues. 

Oct 28: Learn to Thrive, Not Just Survive Family Seminar

Sometimes life can seem like we’re treading water and about to go under. How would it feel to be infused with energy to not just keep going, but make it out of crisis mode? Resilience is essential in order to flourish. This workshop will enable you to learn practical steps to increase your own resilience and apply it in every area of your life so you can thrive, not just survive!

Looking for videos and resources from past seminars? Access them here.


We have access to laptops, printing, and tutoring for Grades 5-12: Tuesdays from 4:00 – 7:00 pm and Thursdays from 4:00 – 7:30 pm. Help is offered for math, language arts, and writing. Pre-registration is required in accordance with current Alberta Covid 19 guidelines. Follow the link below to sign up.


Join: You are welcome to come join us for any of these future seminars and opportunities.

Share: There are so many individuals and families that would benefit from these resources. We invite you to share about it within your own networks.

Volunteer: We are looking for volunteers to help within these 4 areas and for events. Please contact us below.

Expertise: If you know of somebody or a business who are experts in one of these areas, our team would love to connect with them.


Josh Rans, Community Hub Coordinator